What's European Fashion Law about?  

Fashion is big business - it has complicated supply chains, may involve large property portfolios of retail and warehouses and affects millions of employees and contractors. Fashion brands and the associated intellectual property are extremely valuable but can vanish in an instant in the face of negative publicity. ​Technology is becoming increasingly essential to success. This creates many complex legal issues. 

This website and the companion book provide a range of resources to enable you to keep on top of the latest issues and find out more about what fashion law means in a European context

What are people saying about the book? 

The book has had some very excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  reviews and critical acclaim such as:

"[The Book] s a joy to read. [It] manages to achieve the impossible: technical precision, consideration of several key areas, and an informative and humorous tone."  Eleonora Rosati, University of Stockholm

Who is the author?

Find out more about the London based intellectual property partner, Rosie Burbidge 

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