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European Fashion Law:

A Practical Guide from Startup to Global Success

"Rosie Burbidge’s European Fashion Law is a joy to read. The book manages to achieve the impossible: technical precision, consideration of several key areas, and an informative and humorous tone.


Irrespective of their professional background, readers will find this work a fantastic companion for their exploration of the increasingly complex world of fashion law: it's a must-have!" Eleonora Rosati, University of Southampton 

"A refreshingly insightful overview of the legal challenges and opportunities facing fashion businesses operating today in Europe. It condenses vast realms of information into digestible and practical summaries, all written in a modern and commercial voice that enthuses passion for this fabulous industry."

Head of Legal, at a well known online fashion business

"This is the best industry-focussed legal textbook I’ve seen.  Rosie covers a lot of ground and navigates complex areas of law in plain English.  The book is accessible, well-structured and highly relevant."
James Sweeting, Senior IP Counsel, Superdry PLC

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