Rosie has recently talked to Fashion Law Network about the key intellectual property differences in the UK and US. Rosie has also spoken about her career path and hopes for the future of law on the Legally Speaking podcast and appeared on Monocle Radio on several occasions including to talk about Anish Kapoor taking a patent licence in order to use Vantablack for his sculptures.


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Rosie has appeared in videos talking about everything from the intellectual property law basics to a detailed consideration of branding issues for brands and even a teach in on the various wonders of Microsoft Office!


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Some fan favourites:

Crafty Shorts - 90 seconds on key IP topics including:


Crafty Box Set on Intellectual Property - practical considerations for managing IP issues including:

Patsnap Academy - How do Design Rights Work​?

Major publications

Designs: The Forgotten IP Weapon - The Trademark Lawyer (2019)

Find out how designs are (& should be) considered as part of an IP framework.

The Blockchain is in Fashion - The Trademark Reporter (2017)

How blockchain technology could be used in the fashion industry to help control the distribution chain, combat counterfeiting, track parallel imports and second-hand goods, provide real-time evidence of continued use of a mark, and maintain indisputable records of the timing and changes made during the design process.

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