We know what makes a good fashion law book - Here are our top recommendations

Fashion Law [USA]


New to the US legal system? This is a great book for getting to grips with the key issues facing fashion businesses in the US. It's user friendly and includes various case studies and in depth looks at important US cases. 


Overall, this book gives an excellent introduction to the many legal issues facing businesses in the USA. Buy it here  

Year: 2014

Cost: £80 (paperback)

Pages: 368

European Fashion Law: From starting up to going global [Europe]


If you like this site, you'll love this book! You can read more about it here.


The book takes you on a journey from starting up a business to going global via franchising or similar. Includes a deep dive into contracts and litigation in Europe and helps you avoid the common traps that affect fashion businesses in Europe. 

Year: 2019

Cost: £55 (paperback/ebook) £90 (hardback)

Pages: c. 340

The Little Book of Fashion Law [USA]


This American Bar Association book looks at some of the recent US cases in fashion law. It includes summaries of the facts and thoughts on their practical application. It is a helpful introduction to some of the cases but has less practical relevance than some of the other books on the market. Of interest for academics and students, less so for legal practitioners and entrepreneurs. Buy it here.

Year: 2014

Cost: £15 (paperback)

Pages: c. 208

Fashion Law & Business: Brands & Retailers [USA]


This is a more academic review of fashion law issues in the US. it has lots of helpful practical advice as well as the detailed case and legislation references which are more indicative of an academic book. This can make it a little easier to navigate if you're a student but adds substantially to the overall weight! Buy it here.

Year: 2013

Cost: £73 (hardback)

Pages: c. 1600

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